With an ever growing number of people connected and using social media channels every day of their lives, we strive to obtain an increasing number of followers for your brand.

Get yourself and your brand out there!

Page Creation

Starting at CLP $35.000

Quite simply stated; we create or modify your social media pages so as to best achieve your marketing goals and we integrate their services with direct linkage to your website and each other.

This means:

  • We optimize your images and your logos
  • We analyze the look and feel of your product and replicate that experience on your social media pages
  • We keep API tracking on all allowed Social Media pages so as to create a single cluster of information

Community Managment

Starting at CLP $100.000

Social media is quickly becoming the most important of channels businesses can use to interact with their customers. Similar to every other form of communication out there, it is important to arm your business with a smart, nimble team to ensure every inbound message and outbound opportunity is addressed.

This is where we step in and commit to the essential research needed to both increase and maintain a constant number of followers for your page/product/service.

This means:

  • We analyze your customers and their trends and interests
  • We plan out weekly as well as monthly content and post timeliness
  • We mold ourselves to each interaction and respond to all your clients within an 18 hour basis
  • We create weekly and monthly CM reports for us as well as for your knowledge of interactions and events